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Whether you’re building, updating, or replacing, Simply Residential has the window buying guide for you.

Window bright sun

U.S. homeowners lose up to 30% of their energy through drafty windows. That’s a lot of money leaking out your windows.

But you should try sealing your windows before totally replacing them, as a total home upgrade can be quite an investment.

That being said, ENERGY STAR windows can lower your energy bill by up to 12%--around $100 a year for 2,000 sq. foot, single-story, double-pane windowed home, and up to $500 savings in a year for a single-pane windowed home.

Many homeowners have homes that are multiple levels and are larger than 2,000 sq. feet. That means you’re probably losing a lot of money if you have double-pane windows…and a ton of money with single-pane.

Furthermore, the right windows will make your home look unique to you, insulate sound, create a comfortable atmosphere, and, in the long run, should save you money.

So it’s important to get your windows right, whether you’re building, replacing, or upgrading.

If you don’t already know the type of window you need, here’s a sample list with pictures:

Types of windows listed
Double Hung, casement & Awning, Slider, Picture, Garden, Bay & Bow, and Architectural Shapes.


Be Money Smart AND Energy Smart When Buying Windows

Living room with bright light

Depending on where you live, you’re going to need certain types of windows.

If you’re building, consulting with your professionals on window placement to maximize energy savings is an important step in your window installation.

However, if your window frames are still solid, you can save money by only doing partial replacements–windows that will fit in your existing frames. And if you’re looking for a full replacement, that’s going to include the sill, jambs, flange, and the frame in addition to the buying windows itself.

Ask us about current federal, city, and state incentives/tax ride-offs to save on window installation. The U.S. government will often create incentives for energy-savings that reduce your carbon footprint.

ENERGY STAR appliances are often a large part of these incentives. Check out some of your options HERE.

Find the Best Pro When Buying Windows

Professional window installer

Here at Simply Residential, we value the pros that make your life easier and better–getting you the best deals available.

Windows are an investment, and you’ll lose sorely if those windows are installed poorly.

Your window installing pros should have insurance, credentials, and a standing business record that you can refer to.

Don’t just hire anyone. Look online for reviews, make sure the business has a permanent address and number. You can often check authenticity with their insurer or the BBB.

Contact us today to get a free window estimate and start saving on your energy costs.