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The holiday season is here and that means decorating, shopping, and family gathering. But did you know that during these upcoming weeks, we usually end up using more energy than usual?

Use these helpful tips to conserve energy and save money:

Show off Your Home’s Holiday Décor

By opening your curtains during the day, you’ll not only highlight your holiday cheer, you allow sunlight to naturally warm your home up several degrees. Conversely, make sure to close them at night to keep the warmth inside and let your exterior holiday lights really shine.

Make the Switch to LED String Lights

Whether you’re only decorating a tree inside or lighting up your home’s exterior, switching to LED string lights can save you money. With standard incandescent lights it costs $10 to light a 6-foot tree for 12 hours for 40 days, but with LEDs it would only cost $0.27! LEDs are also a much more durable option, lasting 50 times longer than standard bulbs while being much less likely to burn out or break.

Don’t Forget the Batteries!

Nothing is worse than getting the perfect gift and not being able to use it right away! Double check the battery requirements including size for all electronic gifts and consider purchasing rechargeable batteries, which are more cost effective than disposable batteries and can help you lower your carbon footprint year-round.

Take Advantage of Your Oven Light

Holiday baking means that your oven is working overtime. Using your oven light to check on the holiday cookie’s progress rather than opening the oven door means your oven won’t lose heat and need to use energy to get back up to temperature. Not to mention it makes for more consistent baking!

Always Unload Your Car

Increased errands, shopping trips, and family visits mean that the holiday season often results in increased fuel costs. An extra 100 pounds in your vehicle lowers your vehicle’s overall efficiency and could increase your gasoline costs by up to $.08 a gallon, make sure to always unload the extra cargo. And if a new car is on your holiday wish list, make sure you take advantage of federal and State electric vehicle rebates.

Looking for even more ways to make your home a more comfortable, more energy efficient place this holiday season?

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