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Siding Renovation At An Honest Price

Interested in replacing your home’s siding but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place.

Siding is one of the main components of a home, and it determines the style and design of your exterior setting. Over time, it’s important for the material to be replaced to ensure that the home is updated and well-maintained.

Installing new vinyl siding, composite siding, or wood siding along with our energy efficient solutions can turn your home from eye soar to awe-inspiring.

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Transform Your Home and Greatly Increase Its Value

With new siding, make your whole house look like new!

The appearance of your home matters. Dingy, chipped, and pale siding doesn’t look good. It hurts the resale value of your home and presents an eyesore you can’t help but notice every time you return from work. Most homeowners seeking to revitalize the condition of their home opt to replace the siding. It’s a quick way to alter the appearance and personality of your home.

Simply Residential has combined our experience with energy savings and high end design to revolutionize the way a house should look and perform. We focus on the house as a whole unit, making sure not to miss any of the crucial details that will make your home more appealing.

The Benefits of New Siding

You may look for every excuse to not get new siding, but any siding contractor can tell you that there are a lot of benefits to getting new siding.

✔ Protection
New siding offers better protection to your home than old siding. Old siding can have cracks and chips that allow moisture to get into your home. This can cause major structural issues. New siding benefits your home because it gives you a chance to fix and stop structural damage.

✔ Less Paint
New siding is also beneficial because it will hold its paint job better. Even better than needing to paint less often, some new siding requires no painting. Either way, in the long run you’re going to be saving money and time on paint.

✔ More Efficient
A siding contractor can also tell you that new siding makes your home more efficient. If you’ve already replaced the windows, added more attic insulation and fixed your roof, you may have to look at replacing your siding. Siding is not only a protector, but it is also an insulator. Good siding will help keep the inside temperatures in and the outside temperatures out.

✔ Peace of Mind
Finally, new siding is a benefit to your home because it can give you peace of mine. When you always put off getting new siding, you might start to have a few worries. What are you going to find under that old junky siding? Is the structure of your home still good? When you replace it, you’ll know.

Custom Siding To Fit Your Budget

Installing new vinyl siding, composite siding, or wood siding along with our energy efficient solutions can turn your home from eye soar to awe-inspiring. Complete the look with superior insulating systems to save big and distinctive trim and detail work to make your home better than new!



  • Comes in a range of styles and colors.
  • Available in variety of textures, including wood shake/shingle style.
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Durable
  • Comes in a range of design styles
  • Economical


  • It is susceptible to hail damage
  • The color cannot be changed
  • Proper installation is critical, or siding will warp or buckle.


  • Wood-like appearance
  • It doesn’t burn
  • It doesn’t rot or decay
  • Handles the salt-air environment very well
  • Withstands high winds


  • It is more expensive than vinyl siding
  • The color lies on the surface and can be chipped
  • It will need repainting every 12-15 years
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  • Available in a wide variety of styles, textures, and finishes.
  • It can be stained and painted any way you choose
  • Has a high R-value for energy efficiency
  • It is lightweight


  • It needs to be repainted and stained every five years
  • It is more easily damaged than vinyl or fiber cement
  • Easy to repair but difficult to install over existing siding.

Stop Letting Money Leak Out Of Your Home

New siding can also reduce your energy costs on the property by adding insulation to the exterior walls. It can also be the time to take advantage of a house wrap, which prevents moisture or the wind from penetrating the walls. We have our way of doing it to ensure the highest return on investment both in quality of install, quality of materials, and knowledge of energy efficiency and savings it provides because of that knowledge.

At Simply, we offer the best products at honest prices. With multiple siding options, we’ll guide you through the process and get your home looking its best.

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