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Become More Energy-Efficient with Solar Panel Installations

Simply Residential has an established reputation for understanding all aspects of residential construction. We properly install new roofs and siding. We’re experienced at putting new windows in your home. We’re also at the forefront of solar technology. In fact, we’re the leader in solar panel installations in Queens. Going solar offers numerous benefits. Your wallet will thank you when it sees the drastically-reduced energy bill. The environment will benefit from your decision to purchase energy-efficient technology for your home. Lastly, solar panels boost your house’s resale value.

Drilling and installing solar panel

Answering Common Questions About Solar Panel Installations

Solar panel technology is still new. That means many of our potential customers have questions about it. Solar energy is actually pretty simple. The panels create electricity from the sun’s rays. During the day, the excess power is banked by the Electric Company. At night, your home draws from that bank. Our systems are designed to produce as much power as your roof can provide. Some questions we receive include:

  • What Happens in Inclement Weather?
    Our design software accounts for at least 10 years of weather history from the nearest weather station to the home(usually airports). This accounts for snow, storms, rain, and even dirt. We use black on black panels which absorb more heat and melt snow as fast as possible to ensure solar production.
  • Do solar panels require maintenance?
    Solar panels are very durable. We recommend a yearly checkup. If we are installing panels with a tracking system, the maintenance will be more involved. Either way, they do not require daily maintenance.
  • Will the panels damage my roof?
    No. Simply Residential is not only a solar panel installation expert, but we’re also roofing experts. Our solar technicians work side-by-side with their colleagues in the roofing department to ensure the solar panel installation causes no harm to your roof.
  • Do I need to purchase a battery to store energy?
    You do not. Most solar panels send excess energy to a power grid, via net metering. You will then be credited with the energy your panels contribute to the grid. However, we can install batteries to go with your panels. These will increase both cost and independence.
  • Are there any tax incentives for solar energy?
    You bet! New York is very interested in reducing the energy its residents use. You may qualify for several tax incentives and credits if you install solar panels on your roof. Be sure to ask our solar panel installation experts what kind of benefits you qualify for.

Join the Solar Revolution by Contacting Us Today

We’re proud to contribute to the health of our planet and the budget flexibility of our clients with solar panel installations in Suffolk & Nassau County. Simply Residential has experts on staff to handle solar, roofing, siding, and window installations. We possess over 60 years of experience in residential construction. Join the solar power revolution and schedule a consultation today.

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